Credit despite titled claim

If something goes wrong in life, it’s usually right. It is often the case that finances get out of hand and cause difficulties. If these difficulties can be dealt with quickly, everything is fine and life can go on in a regulated manner. However, if this does not succeed and the financial bottlenecks become so great that even an order for payment or an enforcement order is issued by the creditor, then immediate action must be taken to avert impending insolvency. Because this would turn entire life upside down for many years.

Now it is not really easy to remove a titled claim. On the one hand, there will be no money for it. Because if it were there, the titled claim would most likely not have come about in the first place, since they would have been dealt with beforehand. But even a loan despite a titled claim that could avert the financial hardship will not be so easy to obtain. Because the requirement is in the Credit Bureau and gives it a negative touch. Since every bank in Germany asks Credit Bureau before a loan is granted, you can be sure that this is not possible under the circumstances.

So what needs to be done to implement a loan despite the fact that the claim is titled? We’ll tell you at this point.

How does a titled claim come about?

How does a titled claim come about?

Before we go into detail, however, let us first explain what a titled claim is and how it comes about.

The legislator defines a titled claim as a claim that a creditor has made against you before the law and with the help of the court. This enables the creditor to continue to prosecute you for many years to come. If he did not allow the debt to be titled that you have not paid and are currently unable to settle, his right to it would expire within three years. So he has the right to demand the debt from you for thirty years.

However, a titled demand only comes about if all possible reminders have been followed in advance. If you do not settle your invoice, the creditor must first send you a reminder and give you a sufficient period of time to meet the payment. Only then can he obtain a payment order and then an enforcement order from the court. The enforcement order and therefore the titled claim will only become valid if you do not lodge an objection. If you do so, the creditor must sue and claim his right and title by legal means.

But where do you get your loan from despite the titled claim?

Take small steps

Take small steps

If you want to take out a loan despite a titled claim, it is very important that you consider in advance whether you can really afford the loan and whether it makes sense to take it out. If you want to borrow it to pay off your debts and are able to service the loan, this may be a good thing. If, on the other hand, you only want to take it in to buy consumer goods or go on a trip, we strictly advise against a loan despite the claim being titled. Because from a financial point of view, it would only cause you even greater difficulties.

If you decide to take out a loan, please calculate in advance what loan amount is required. You can then take out the loan with a co-applicant or without a co-applicant.

If you opt for the support of a second person, you can apply for the loan at any bank and savings bank. Provided that the second person is solvent. In such a case, the co-applicant will be included in the loan calculation. If your data and the data of the co-applicant show a good credit rating, nothing stands in the way of borrowing. If there are problems, on the other hand, you should consider whether a loan would not be a good alternative, despite the fact that the claim is from abroad.

You can get a loan from the Lite Lender in Liechtenstein, among other things, despite a titled claim from abroad. The bank is known for Credit Bureau-free loans, in which neither Credit Bureau is queried nor the credit entered in Credit Bureau. It leaves no trace, which is definitely a good thing in your case.

The Liechtenstein bank offers small loans of up to $ 5,000, which involve a fixed interest rate and fixed repayment agreements. The basic requirement for borrowing is a fixed income and a permanent residence in Germany. You must also have an account that can be used as a reference account to process the loan.

If you would like such a loan, simply select the bank’s website. There you will find all the important information about the loan and all the forms that are required for the application.